Keep Your Home in Top-Notch Conditions!

Keep Your Home in Top-Notch Conditions!

Importance of a Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing InspectionIt’s an exciting time for you. As a first time home buyer, there can be tons of pieces to the puzzle for buying a home that includes real estate agents, mounds of paperwork and even more significant factors. That is why you don’t want to overlook one very important piece: a home plumbing inspection. The inspection itself can tell you as a new homeowner that there could be some upcoming repairs needed in your future.

The most important part of the home buying experience is usually the cost. What does a plumbing inspection cost? Well, when compared to other home inspection costs, the plumbing inspection is a small percentage of these costs. If you skip the step of a plumbing inspection, then you can risk having expensive and unexpected repairs down the road that could absolutely ruin the first time home buying experience.

So, what is the first step? Well, that would be finding a licensed plumber that can check your plumbing for leakages and other potential hazards. If pipes are hidden, they can be checked too. A pipe that is hidden can be even more dangerous than one that is not. Hidden pipes can leak and mold, have weakened studs or sections with load bearing problems and stains. Extremely costly repairs can be the result of hidden pipe leakage and must be checked! Molding can often mean the home owner has to leave the home while it is treated.

Gainesville PlumberA plumbing inspection can also reveal inappropriate piping. What is inappropriate piping? Pipes that are not efficiently run, or wrong pipes used in the wrong spots and even old piping can all be determined to be inappropriate. Projects done by people who do not have the knowledge of what types of materials to use or building codes that must be met often result in inappropriate piping. These types of issues mean the piping has to be redone. Piping issues should be brought to the home buyer’s attention before the home is actually purchased.

The bottom line is that plumbing should be completely checked before purchase. Plumbing inspections don’t always take place through the previous owners and without a proper inspection, a lot could go wrong. The new homeowner should make sure that cracks in pipes are fixed, clogs are removed and ensure that water is running properly through the pipes. Clogging in your pipes is connected to your sinks, bathtub or toilet. Cracks in pipes are generally discovered in winter months, so if you are buying in winter, make sure there are no leakages in your pipes.

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