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Showers and Tubs Repair and Installation Services in Gainesville, FL

After a long day of making the body sore, you want to settle into a nice tub or shower. Engaging in bath activity is one major way that many people relieve stress. The type of unit you choose depends on the amount of space in the bathroom. Your wash options vary from freestanding tubs to Roman showers, so review all of the choices carefully. Our professionals at Scarborough Plumbing, LLC. are available to provide you with local options. Rely on us to handle your Gainesville shower and tub services today!

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What different types of tubs are available?

There are at least three types of bathtubs that exist for your selections. A recessed tub is not a common installation, but you will see some of the most innovative designs. The tub is recessed or placed within a hole in the floor. Anyone can walk by and easily slide into it without lifting the legs over the rim.

A corner bathtub is placed in the corner of the bathroom, which is ideal if you need to conserve space. You can place a tub in the corner next to the sink or shower.

Similarly, a freestanding tub can be placed anywhere in the room. There are traditional and unique designs that suit every bathroom user. All of these tubs are affordable, innovative and simple to install or design.

Why would you need a new tub?

One reason you would need a new tub is if you’re remodeling your bathroom. Homeowners that decide to take on this project will also opt to change their tub so that everything matches.

Another reason is because many people enjoy the relaxation that comes from having a tub.  It is simple to wind down and relax the muscles after a lengthy work day. You can install jets that shoot out water directly onto the water. A homeowner may have a shower and decide that they prefer a tub.

What different types of showers are available?

Consider the three major types of shower units found on the market. The walk-in shower is the most common type used. The walk in shower is commonly designed with a glass door and tiled floor. The area is usually contained within three walls made of glass or tile.

Another model is the shower bath that combines a tub within a shower. Choose this option if you want a fast rinse or long soak. The tub is enclosed by a curtain with a shower head on one of its walls.

The wet room is a style originating from Europe that is suitable for innovative American homes. This room is a large shower area with a glass panel separating it from the remaining bathroom. A wet room looks like the locker shower room, but the floor is inclined to drain out the water. You can install a sophisticated showerhead that promotes a full body massage.

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