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Septic Tank Services in Gainesville, FL

If a home has a private septic tank, it’s up to the homeowner to make sure it’s well maintained. This can mean the difference between a couple of hundred dollars to get the septic tank pumped out every few years or tens of thousands of dollars to completely replace the system if it fails.

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What causes septic tank problems?

Septic tank problems can occur when the tank isn’t pumped out regularly. The way a septic tank works is that the waste from the sewer drain empties into a tank. There, bacteria separates the waste into a solid sludge on the bottom, a clear liquid in the middle, and a scum on the top. The liquid in the middle layer flows through a distribution box then into the system’s leach field, which is made up of pipes that have been perforated and buried in a bed of sand or gravel. There, the liquid sinks harmlessly into the ground or evaporates.

However, if the tank isn’t pumped out, the solid sludge will rise to the level where it can go through the distribution box and out into the leach field. This will contaminate it and cause a biohazard. When this happens, the usual remedy is to dig up the entire system and replace it.

Solids can also be flushed into the leach field because the plumbing system is being overwhelmed. That’s why we tell our customers to stagger the times people take baths or showers, do the laundry, or wash the dishes.

We also warn our customers against buying garbage disposal units. This puts more solids into the system than it can handle. In many areas, garbage disposals are against the plumbing codes if the homeowner has a private septic system.

The homeowner should also avoid pouring grease down the drain since the bacteria in the septic system already has a hard time breaking it down. Grease should be poured in a disposable cup and put in the garbage. Paper and material other than toilet paper also shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet.

How often does your septic tank need to be maintained?

This depends on how many people live in the home, but we like to tell our customers that every two or three years is a good schedule.

How can you avoid problems in the future?

The homeowner should also avoid pouring harsh drain cleaners down the pipes on a regular basis as it could  kill too many of the bacteria needed to break down the sewage.

Bleach should also be used very rarely as bleach can also harm the bacteria. A homeowner should switch to oxygen based bleach if there’s a septic tank. Other substances to avoid are motor oil, gasoline, paint thinner, or anything else that’s corrosive. Once again, make sure the tank is cleaned out regularly.

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