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Gainesville Sump Pump Repair and Installation Services

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Sump Pump Repair and Installation Services in Gainesville, FL

Sump pumps are a vital component to your plumbing system during the rainy seasons. Their role is to remove water and to ensure no flooding occurs. They also help eliminate dampness that may occur in the space.

Sump pumps are commonly located in your home’s basement. There are a variety of types of sump pumps to choose from; it is important that as a homeowner, you familiarize yourself with the types.

Our team of specialists can assist you in all of your Gainesville sump pump services. We can help you pick the right sump pump for your home and install it right away with precision and care. If your current pump has been experiencing issues, we can take care of that for you right away, as well.

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Why do you need a sump pump?

Sump pumps take the water that collects around a home’s foundation in the home’s sump basin and  pump it away from the home. If your home’s foundation is below the water table, or if you frequently have water problems or heavy rains, then you need a sump pump to pump the water away from your home before it damages your basement or foundation.

What are the benefits of a sump pump?

Sump pumps keep the water that surrounds your home all the time from flooding your basement, ruining your foundation, and causing water damage in your home. While they may not be necessary for day-to-day use, they are essential for homes that sit below the water table or that experience occasional or frequent heavy rains. A sump pump is a great way to protect your basement, your belongings, and your home.

What are the different types of pumps?

When it comes to choosing a sump pump, you do have options. Here are four common types of sump pumps you may want to consider.

  • Pedestal sump pump: With a pedestal sump pump, the motor is mounted at the top of a shaft that is placed in the water basin. This type of sump pump is economical and appropriate for smaller sump pits. Pedestal sump pumps can be adjusted with specific on and off points. They last for 5 to 15 years.
  • Submersible sump pump: With a submersible sump pump, the motor is submerged under water in the water basin. This type of sump pump is quieter and great for homes with children. Submersible sump pumps can last for 25 to 30 years.
  • Municipal water pressure powered back-up sump pump: Like any other home electronic, sump pumps break down sometimes. Installing a municipal water pressure powered back-up sump pump is a great way to make sure that your water level is still taken care of if your primary sump pump gives out.
  • Battery powered back-up sump pump: If your back-up sump pump is powered by your home’s electricity, it will not be helpful if your power goes out in a big storm. If you have a battery powered back-up sump pump, it will kick in instead.

What are some common problems with sump pumps?

Sump pumps are very handy when they work correctly. However, they do unfortunately fail at times. Look out for three common sump pump problems such as

  • Stuck switch. If your sump pump has a tethered float, it is not uncommon for the float to get stuck, preventing the machine from turning on.
  • Failure to old age. Sump pumps don’t last forever and wear out eventually. Unfortunately, you may not know that your pump is due to be replaced until you find that the pump has completely stopped working.
  • Inadequate pumping power. Not all pumps or all storms are created equal. If you have a particular big storm approaching your area, your sump pump may or may not be up to the challenge.

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