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An interruption in your business’ plumbing can also mean a discontinuance in its thrivity. Ensure that your business remains prosperous year round by maintaining a proper preventive maintenance routine. One option is to hire Scarborough Plumbing, LLC. to perform your annual inspection. During this time, a tech can not only secure that your units are running up to par, but can also address any issues before they become more severe.  Count on us to perform all of your Gainesville commercial plumbing services. We provide same day services and free estimates!

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When will you need a professional drain cleaning?

Sometimes, you can catch a drainage problem before it begins. Keep an eye out for symptoms such as:

  • Recurring clogs: If your drain seems to clog repeatedly with no apparent reason, you may need to have a professional take a look. This is especially true if the drain happens to be inside a company shower; the amount of hair and dirt washed down can cause them to clog.
  • Odor: If your drains smell like the sewers, that’s a problem – it can be a sign that your drain has crossed a broken sewer pipe, which is the source of the smell. It can also mean you need a complete drain cleaning.
  • Flooding: If your drains backup, that’s a major sign that you need to contact a professional. It means the line has clogged, and it is only a matter of time until the drain stops working completely. However, if you see standing water, contact a professional ASAP.

What are some signs that you may have a hidden water leak?

Water leaks are not always as apparent as gushing water. Sometimes, the leaks can be behind walls, in the floor, and other places where you won’t see any visible evidence of a leak. However, there are a few other ways to tell such as:

  • Your water bill is higher than normal: If the water bill is higher than normal with no apparent increase in water, it can mean a leak. A small leak that runs continuously can have a great impact on the amount of water required for a given time period.
  • There are odors: A water leak in the walls or the floor will lead to eventual mold and decay, which produces a bad odor that is easily picked up by most people. If you notice a foul scent coming from the walls or floors and can’t find the source right away, it might mean you have a water leak in that area.
  • Uneven vegetation growth: If there is a water leak under the grounds of the company, vegetation might grow more quickly in that area than others. If you see an area where it seems like the plants are growing at an abnormal rate, it can mean a leak.

How can you tell if you have a slab leak?

Slab leaks are leaks that occur under a concrete slab. If not addressed and corrected, they can cause major damage and cost thousands of dollars to repair. If you feel a warm area under a concrete slab, it can be a sign of a leak, especially one inside the hot water line.

Concrete will also begin to crack and bubble as the water flows from a leak, since it has nowhere to go but up after a time. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact Scarborough Plumbing, LLC. immediately. It’s important to correct the issue as soon as possible.

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