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Bathroom Remodeling Services in Gainesville, FL

Homeowners looking to have the latest bathroom may want to remodel an existing one rather than moving into a new home. For many, this can be a great option because it can be an affordable way to salvage a home’s value and decrease the frequency of moving. However, problems may arise when going through a remodeling project due to an existing plumbing system.

Homeowners may need to add pipes, remove existing ones, comply with local regulations, and decide whether to replace certain components. No matter the concern, our professionals at Scarborough Plumbing, LLC. can help you. Trust us to take care of your Gainesville bathroom remodeling services.

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What plumbing considerations should you keep in mind?

While many homeowners want to jump in on a remodeling project strictly for aesthetic reasons, it is important to fully consider possible changes to the underlying plumbing framework before starting.

The addition of a new shower, sink, or toilet may necessitate substantial plumbing rearrangements. This may also be a good time to replace older pipes to save money in the long run while the wall has already been removed.

As part of the initial cost estimate, homeowners should strive to ensure that they have enough funds to cover additional plumbing changes. Hot water may need to be run, pipes may need to be extended, and unused pipes may need to be removed. Factoring this in ahead of time can prevent many remodeling issues later down the road.

What about local regulations?

Before launching the project, homeowners should also ensure that they are following local regulations. Municipalities are often quite strict on materials, sizes, and other considerations for new bathrooms.

While some might consider neglecting these issues, they can make it difficult to sell the home and even leave homeowners vulnerable to potential legal action. A professional local plumber will have expertise on these issues and can assist with figuring out what laws need to be complied with.

Since local regulations can create trouble later down the road, it is critical that homeowners factor this in before launching a plumbing project.

When should you replace your shower?

While doing a home remodeling project, many homeowners consider replacing the shower as part of the project. Depending on the situation, this may or may not be necessary. For homeowners looking to give a bathroom an entirely new look with a large project, replacing a shower might be a good idea.

Today, there are many different types of showers available in the marketplace that can save space and look good. Homeowners should also consider how much energy their shower is using and consider replacing it if it uses too much hot water. Finally, some older showers may be permanently stained and therefore necessitate replacement.

When should you replace your tub?

Like with the shower, many homeowners elect to replace their tub during a remodeling project. A tub that is uncomfortable, disperses heat, or is slippery might be a good choice for replacement.

A tub that leaves homeowners vulnerable to slips and falls could cost homeowners more down the road due to high medical bills. As part of a remodeling project, the replacement of a tub should be considered.

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