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Gainesville Burst Pipe Repair Services

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Burst Pipe Repair Services in Gainesville, FL

A burst pipe is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. A burst pipe is an extreme plumbing emergency that needs to be taken care of right away. If not, extensive damage could be caused to your home due to flooding. Don’t wait for it to get out of hand and call us at the first sight of a burst pipe.

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What causes burst pipes?

Increased water pressure can cause your pipes to burst. A clogged toilet is one of the things that can cause the pressure inside of the pipes to increase. If you have an older home, then it is even more prone to developing a clog.

Corrosion is another thing that can cause a pipe to burst. This is extremely common in older pipes. Additionally, calcium buildup inside of the pipes may cause it to burst.

How can you avoid them?

Burst pipes are a plumbing emergency that can result in serious damage. That is why it is best for you to try to prevent them from occurring. Because freezing is the most common cause of broken pipes, you will need to make sure to wrap pipes with insulation during the winter months. Foam pipe or fiberglass are the best types of insulation to use for pipes. Insulation helps prevent pipes from freezing by slowing down the transfer of heat.

Pipes are designed to last 25 to 50 years. If the pipes inside of your home are more than 50 years old, then you may want to consider having them replaced. The reason that older pipes are more likely to burst is because they are more prone to corrosion. Furthermore, you should contact a professional plumber who can make suggestions on how to improve your plumbing system and prevent the pipes from bursting.

What are some professional repair options?

If one of your pipes burst, then you should contact a plumber immediately. Potential damage can be minimized if a plumber fixes the problem right after it occurs. The first thing that a plumber will do is turn the main water valve off in order to prevent further damage to your home. Turning off the main water valve will help prevent more water from building up inside of your home.

Plumbers can remove the portion of the pipe that has burst and replace it. This is the best option. Simply patching up a burst pipe is not a good idea. The chances of the pipe bursting again are high if it is only patched.

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