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Gainesville Clogged Toilet Repair Services

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Clogged Toilet Repair Services in Gainesville, FL

Clogged toilets are everyone’s worst nightmare – and especially when it isn’t your own toilet! So many stories of awkwardness begin with a clogged toilet and a lack of a plunger. However, you’ll be glad to know that it might not have been your fault. Learning preventative maintenance is the key in ensuring your toilet remains free of clogs. It’s important to become proactive in learning the ways of your plumbing system, especially your toilet.

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What causes clogged toilets?

Toilet clogs are most commonly caused by toilet paper. When people flush too much, it can build up – just because the water flushes once doesn’t mean it will the next time, and the paper can eventually build up to a blockage.

Another reason, particularly when small children are involved, is objects in the toilet. Everything from dolls to sanitary items get thrown in and flushed, sometimes without the parent’s knowledge. A third, less common, reason involves breakdown of the pipes. If the pipe has eroded, or a root has grown through it, it can lead to backups and clogs.

What are some professional solutions?

There are multiple solutions to a clogged toilet. Aside from the standard plunging, which is what most professionals will initially try, there are other ways.

One solution is a ‘snake’ – a piece of wire that is fed down through the line to the source of the blockage in an attempt to remove it. Another solution is an auger, a device that allows the plumbers to take hold of the blockage and pull it out.

If neither of those solutions work, then we may have to further investigate to find out the cause of the problem. However, no matter the issue, we will find a solution for you.

How can you avoid clogged toilets?

The best way to prevent drainage problems is to be proactive in your approach. To avoid clogged toilets, do not wash more toilet paper than is necessary, and do not flush large clumps of it at once.

Another good practice to develop is to keep the tank clear; while it can be tempting to use that clean, empty porcelain top as a shelf, it makes it easy for clumsy hands to knock items into the bowl which can then be flushed.

If you notice your toilet is draining slowly, plunge it – if you can prevent a clog from getting worse, then you might not need professional help.

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