Slab Leak Repairs

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Plenty of homes are built on large concrete slabs that sit directly on the property’s dirt. Home plumbing systems are constructed to run beneath these concrete slabs. Such systems are typically constructed out of copper pipes. While copper pipes are usually thought of as being very high in quality and reliable, they do have the potential to leak. Abrasion and corrosion can also occur. The ground can move over time and cities can change their water purification. These are just a few of the causes of pipe leaks that are commonly referred to as slab leaks.

While it seems like a difficult problem to fix, there are solutions available. At Scarborough Plumbing, LLC., we have a team of professionals that have extensive training and experience when it comes to slab leaks. Our techs are supplied with top of the line equipment and products.Trust us to take care of your Gainesville slab leak services today!

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How will you know if you have a slab leak?

If you suspect that you have a slab leak, check for the following signs:

  • A warm floor: If your floor is especially warm in one specific area, you might have a slab leak. If you can feel the warmth with your feet, the hot water line might be leaking beneath the slab.
  • Mildew: If you find mildew or detect a wetness beneath the floor, it is often a sign of a slab leak. This is also true of cracks found on tile floors and bubbles found on linoleum floors. Water collects and moves towards the floor and causes these problems.
  • Low water pressure: Homes with a surprisingly low water pressure might have a slab leak. Even the smallest leak in a home’s water line can cause the water pressure to significantly drop.
  • Wall cracks: If you detect cracking in your home’s walls, there is a good chance of a leak. A leak will cause slab to move and when this movement occurs, cracks can develop in the home’s walls and baseboards.

What are some professional solutions?

Reach out to slab leak repair professionals to solve your slab leak problem. Experts will conduct a general inspection of the home’s plumbing system. They’ll use state of the art slab leak detection technologies to pinpoint the leak and fix it. This usually involves what is known as electronic leak detection. High tech equipment is used to find the home’s copper piping underneath the slab. Once identified, slab leak repairmen create a map of the home’s water pipes. Then, they use a listening device to listen to the pipes. If a leak is heard with the device, it will be marked on the map and the leaking pipe will also be identifiable.

Once the leaking pipe is identified, it will be accessed through the slab and repaired. Another option is when a new pipe is ran through the home’s framework in order to send water through the compromised space. When this happens, the leaking pipe is discarded. This method is preferable as it doesn’t require the removal of flooring or slab penetration.

It is also possible to apply an epoxy coating to the pipe’s insides that will stop the leak and prevent future leaks. Slab leaks can be remedied without causing any harm to the home if the job is done by professionals with years of experience.

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