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Gainesville Backflow Testing and Certification Services

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Backflow Testing and Certification Services in Gainesville, FL

Many residences and buildings in our area have backflow preventers in their plumbing systems. The owners of these homes and buildings are often not aware of their responsibility to the city to have these mechanisms tested yearly.

This is an important step to take every year to ensure that your potable water does not accidentally flow into the water supply and pollute or contaminate the drinking water. Many are further unaware of the consequences of not having their backflow tested as required. We at Scarborough Plumbing,LLC. aim to keep you informed about what is required of you as a building owner.

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What is backflow?

Backflow is the reversal of water in a plumbing system, usually due to improper air pressure within the pipes. Pressure can change due to pumps, high-temperature boilers, water main breaks, and an overuse of water.

Backflow comes from potable water that is stored in residences. Cities therefore often have requirements regarding backflow preventers in homes that use potable water. This is common to ranches and farms.

What is the law regarding backflow testing in Gainesville?

In Florida, all backflow prevention assemblies must be tested at least once annually. They must also be tested within 10 days following installation and any repairs. If any assemblies fail the test, they must be repaired immediately and retested.

Assemblies that are not testable, like the dual check valve assembly, must be replaced every 5 years. Those found in non-compliance will have their water shut off.

Why is backflow testing important?

Backflow testing is important to keep a city’s water supply safe from contamination. Portable water can become unsanitary while it is stored. Certain contaminants could be detrimental to an entire city’s health if it is allowed to enter the water supply.

It is required that homes and buildings using backflow preventers have their preventative devices tested periodically to make sure all of the moving parts (gauges, seals, springs, etc.) are working properly. This is a safeguard against unsafe drinking water.

What is the testing process?

The testing process varies by the type of mechanism being used to prevent backflow, but the general idea is the same. Gauges are used to test the pressure at each point within the mechanism. Each valve is tested for leaks, and each cock within the valve is checked for proper pressure.

Readings are taken by a certified backflow tester. These testers have completed a 32-hour course and taken exams on the methods of testing backflow. They are required to become recertified every 2 years and to recalibrate their equipment every 5 years.

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