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Repiping Services in Gainesville, FL

At Scarborough Plumbing, LLC., our top priority is your satisfaction. We want to keep the pipes in your home in proper working order, and we’ll do what we can to keep your costs down along the way. One project that is often required in older homes is pipe repair or a full repiping. If you’re dealing with chronic leaks and other problems, then you should understand the different options available for fixing your lines and stopping the leaks.

We can assist you in all of your repiping concerns and needs. Contact us and allow Scarborough Plumbing, LLC. to handle all of your Gainesville repiping services. We strive for your 100% satisfaction guaranteed with each service call.

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When should you repipe vs. repair your pipes?

In general, this decision is made based on the extent of the problems you’re having. A small area of damage is typically repaired at the source. However, extensive leaks, large areas of corrosion, and low water pressure throughout the home are best addressed through repiping.

Having the lines repiped with new materials will prove more cost-effective as you ultimately save on labor and avoid future leaks. Our professional plumbers can help you determine which service is called for in your particular situation.

One way to determine if full repiping is required is through a flow test. With multiple faucets on in the home, your water pressure should remain steady. If the pressure drops drastically and forces you to shut lines down, then a repiping is probably in order.

When should you repipe?

As a homeowner, you may not have the plumbing expertise to handle this project. However, you can easily tell if it’s time to have the home repiped. There are three main signs to look for in order to know when you should call for service.

  • Age of the home. Over time, pipes start to wear down and connections can start to fail. Materials are steadily improving, but the products used a few decades ago aren’t always as reliable. If your home is more than 15 to 20 years old, then you may have some hidden problems.
  • Water pressure. Corrosion in pipes lead to falling pressure. If you notice that you cannot do the dishes while someone is in the shower, then you may need to have a problem corrected.
  • Water quality and color. The water coming out of your pipes should be crystal clear from the first moment the faucet is turned on. If it initially comes out with a reddish tint, then you may have rust in your lines. This is a sure sign that you need to have the lines treated and possibly repiped.

What is the difference between copper and PEX piping?

Bright red and cool blue PEX pipes are growing in popularity because they’re flexible, easy to work with, resistant to temperature changes, and very durable. They’re considered to be environmentally friendly, and many experts believe that they will last far longer than copper. They eliminate the joints and elbows required of rigid copper pipes and is far more affordable.

While copper pipes are also durable and a top choice, many homeowners are moving towards PEX because it’s easier to afford and highly cost-effective over the coming years.

If you suspect that your home needs to be repiped, then call us today for assistance. We’ll thoroughly examine your plumbing and let you know if it’s time to replace the pipes or invest in other repairs. We offer cost-effective alternatives such as PEX piping to help you save money on our services, and we take pride in our high-quality work.

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