5 Quick and Easy Ways to Lower Your Spendings

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Lower Your Spendings

Learn How Water Heater Maintenance Can Help You Save Money

Water Heater MaintenanceMost people tend to forget about their water heater, since it is usually out of sight, but it is a major contributor to their energy bill. When you turn on your hot water faucet, use your washing machine or take a shower, your water heater is consuming energy. And if you use a tank-type water heater in your home it consumes energy throughout the day in order to keep the water heated, there are some things you can do to reduce the energy consumption of your water heater, and save some money.

1. Turn Water Heater Thermostat Down

Water heaters are equipped with a thermostat, which controls the amount of heat needed for heating. Even turning the thermostat down a little can lower your bill significantly. Water heaters really do not need to be set too high, so consider turning your thermostat down and you will minimize your water heater’s energy consumption.

2. Use Less Hot Water

Using less hot water is one way to reduce hot water costs. There are many ways to lower your hot water usage without causing any inconvenience for yourself. Washing your clothes in cold water will certainly result in reduced hot water usage. With so many laundry detergents available for cold water use there is no reason to wash clothes in hot water.

Water Heater3. Insulate Your Water Heater

By insulating your water heater, the T&P valve, the inlet and outlet pipes you can help keep stored water hot, which means it needs less power to keep the water temperature at comfortable level. Experts suggest 2 ½” R-8 insulation. There are also ready to use blankets designed for hot water tanks, and you can find these at many home centers. Taking this step this will save you a substantial amount of money.

4. Flush Your Water Heater

Performing regular maintenance, including check the anode rod, on your water heater is a great way to minimize energy usage of the equipment. Flushing and check the anode rod to ensure that the water heater works efficiently and is not burning any extra energy, and increasing costs unnecessarily.

5. Get A More Efficient Water Heater

A more efficient model is usually more expensive than a tank-type water heater, tankless models will save you a lot of money in the long run by consuming less energy. It is important to learn about tankless water heaters, and how they can help save you money.

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