DIY Plumbing: Just Not Worth It

DIY Plumbing: Just Not Worth It

Reasons to Keep Away From DIY Plumbing Projects

Gainesville PlumberWhile it might seem like a good idea to try to fix your plumbing problems yourself, it can often lead to many problems. There is a reason why people hire professional plumbers, following we’ll discuss why to not do it yourself.

A major reason to not try your own plumbing repairs is safety. There are many possible dangers to the unskilled plumber. Eyes are often hurt during amateur projects. When cutting pipes, tiles, or other materials, small shards can break off and fly into the eyes. Scalding water can burn both eyes and face. Hands can be injured by dangerous chemicals, infected by dirty water and gross messes, and cut open by sharp, cut edges. The sanding and cutting involved with repairs are dangerous to the lungs, causing the worker to inhale deadly chemicals. There are also the dangers of gas leaks and using electrical tools. Untrained workers can be hurt by electrical tools or electrocuted by standing in water while using them. Professional workers know the safety rules and how to work without injury.

Gainesville PlumbingWarranty
Professionals offer warranties to ensure their work. When doing your own work, you have no guarantee the repairs will be successful and there is no recourse when thing turn out badly. Professionals will bring their experience to the project and can give a warranty for service and parts.

Saving Money
People choose to do the work themselves because they want to save money, but the majority spend more money because they have to hire a professional to do the work after they have tried and failed. While the original job would have cost a set amount, the work after a failed DIY can cost double or more, because professionals have to tear out the bad work and put in the new project. Also, amateurs can be cheated by being sold inferior goods which have to be replaced. Also, even the best of work might have to be replaced if the proper permits are not in place. Professionals understand the building codes and when to get a permit. This way, a great deal of work isn’t lost by legal issues.

In the end, do it yourself doesn’t save the home owner time or money. The best choice is to find a reputable professional and let him give you the quality work you deserve.

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